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This is the wiki for information relevant to Sony employees.


The purpose of this page is to save information about Sony
and their use of Linux, that is useful for myself and others (mainly
Sony employees).

= Admininstrative stuff =
 * [[Internal Systems]]
 * [[Linux Foundation Info]]
 * [[Open source web sites]]
 * [[People]]

= GUI issues =
 * [[GUI Comparisons]]
 * [[EFL tests]]
 * [[EFL notes]]
 * [[Kinoma JS Notes]]
 * [[Qt Notes]]
 * [[Web App Notes]]

= Training notes =
 * [[Open Source Community Collaboration presentation]]

= Private Fuego Stuff =
 * See [[Private Fuego Stuff]]

= Operating Systems =
There are a few different options for a standard Linux-based OS.  Here are
notes on the possibilities:
 * [[Tizen Notes]]
 * [[Debian meta-layer]] aka "Deby"

= Help =
See [[Help]] for documentation about this wiki.

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