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General To Do List

Here are links to all the different To Do Lists that I have lying around:

current things to do [edit section]

computer hobby [edit section]

  • work on TBwiki
    • work on special action item feature for tbwiki??
    • decide what's next - see TBWikiToDo
    • write command-line editor wrapper for tbwiki
      • do 'vitb <page>" - download page, run vim on page, upload to tbwiki
  • work on alice 3d game (simple adventure-style - walk, find, combine, use)
    • map keys to camera movement for turning and walking
    • detect closeness to object and indicate object can be picked up
    • show inventory and allow using an object with another object
  • work on breakfree or space intruders in alice or unreal
  • work on Android frequency navigator (hands-free navigation with pitch
  • work on minecraft IRL (in-real-life) mod
    • finish work for youtube video of shooting PvP
  • work on phone-based garage door opener
    • with Nathan writing the phone app
  • make a board farm

home projects [edit section]

  • fix attic problem
  • fix handle on master bedroom sliding glass door
  • remove 2 more boxes from the garage
  • add sill to window in kitchen
  • add moulding to cabinets area in hall

personal improvement [edit section]

  • learn the cuatro
    • learn one christmas song - silent night

legacy items (from long ago) [edit section]



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