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Web App Notes

Tizen provides the capability to use Web Apps, using HTML5, CSS and Javascript for display and code execution.

It uses Crosswalk, which is based on the Blink web client engine, which is derived from Chromium.

A good presentation that includes information about these items is from 2015 TDC (Tizen Developer's Conference): https://www.tizen.org/sites/default/files/event/z2_tdc15_creating_new_tizen_profiles_using_the_yocto_project.pdf

From the presentation, you can install, launch, kill and uninstall apps as following in Tizen 3:

  • Install wgt file
    • pkgcmd -i -t wgt -p <wgt file> -q
  • List installed HTML5 applications (per user)
    • app_launcher -l
  • Launch HTML5 application in Crosswalk
    • app_launcher -s <Application ID>
  • Kill running HTML5 application
    • app_launcher -k <Application ID>
  • Uninstall application
    • pkgcmd -u -q -n <package>

Size [edit section]

From https://crosswalk-project.org/documentation/about/faq.html#Distributing-Crosswalk-Project-applications

The HTML/JS/CSS for a sample application is about 24Kb.

Crosswalk 10 runtimee for Android (in an apk) is about 20Mb.

Installed, the application takes about 58Mb of disk space.

xwalk for Ubuntu [edit section]

Crosswalk can be installed for Ubuntu, and uses the program xwalk.

See https://crosswalk-project.org/documentation/linux.html

There is a package available from: https://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/linux/deb/

You can run a crosswalk app with:

  $ xwalk /path/to/app/manifest.json

samples [edit section]


get some samples from:

   $ git clone https://github.com/crosswalk-project/crosswalk-samples.git

community health [edit section]

See http://ghtorrent.org/pullreq-perf/crosswalk-project-tizen-extensions-crosswalk/

stability [edit section]

crosswalk for Ubuntu (which is listed as a "canary" release (or pre-alpha), gave me a segfault when I ran the simd-mandelbrot project (from crosswalk-samples) and clicked on the SIMD button in the app.

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