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Tizen Notes

Tizen is pushed by Intel and Samsung (is Intel still doing it)

applications [edit section]

  • applications can be written in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • applications can be written natively in ELF
    • in 2013,
  • you can write hybrid applications

Users [edit section]

  • Samsung
    • 80% of EFL contributions are from Samsung
  • Anyone else?

openness [edit section]

  • main hallmark is more openness than Android or IOS (haha, like IOS is a contender for openness)
    • how open is it?

license [edit section]

Samsung hired rasterman (Enlightenment maintainer) (was employed by Samsung in 2013, at least)

Releases [edit section]

  • 2.4 - announced in 2015, has:
    • cloud services
    • lightweight 3D
    • SDK enhancements
      • storyboard feature for UI design
      • profiling tools
      • javascript analyzer
  • 3.0
    • support for high end devices
      • 64-bit CPU support
    • multi-user functionality
    • wayland
      • simpler than X11
    • security
      • new grouping (Sayonara?)
    • device convergence (distributed event system?)

* Iotivity

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