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Linux Foundation Info

Here is some information about Linux Foundation stuff:

The CELP project page is at:

We now have a wiki to share public information from the Linux Foundation site, at:

This takes the place of the former CELF Public Wiki.

Support [edit section]

For IT support, email

Private areas [edit section]

There are the following private areas for wiki

wiki administration [edit section]

To administer the list of people who can access and edit the wiki pages, go to:

The click on Managed Groups, and click on the group you want to manage.

The following groups should be there:

  • lf-wiki-ceag-private
  • lf-wiki-cesc-private
  • lf-wiki-celp-users

Mail lists [edit section]

We currently have the following mail lists:

Defunct mail lists [edit section]

  • Small-business (on
  • elinux-wiki (on

Other web sites [edit section]

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