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EFL notes

Documentation [edit section]

Online documentation for EFL is somewhat broken.

If you follow links to documentation on the EFL website, it will get you to here:


That has some overview docs (including a C primer), but it is not comprehensive.

Program Guides [edit section]

To get started, you want to look at the programming guides on that page (there is a list of them at the bottom of the page)

For example, here is the program guide page for information about the main loop: https://www.enlightenment.org/program_guide/main_loop_pg

Each program guide section has the menu of program guides (at the top and bottom of the page), in expandable lists.

Link errors [edit section]

Links from these pages sometimes have invalid URL references. If you get a 404 page not found error, you can substitute portions of the URL to get to the right page:

For example, in the docs you might see the url:

But the real url should be:

API docs [edit section]

The EFL API docs are located here:

Elementary docs are here:

The closest I can find to a full index is here:

It's not complete, however.

python-efl [edit section]

examples [edit section]

For examples of different elementary widget uses in python-efl, look in ~/work/efl/python-efl-1.17.0/examples/elementary

EFL examples [edit section]

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