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These are steps to build a campfire

1. Clear and level the ground

2. Collect some large rocks and make a circle with the rocks around the campfire

3. Collect some grass and small sticks for kindling, med sticks, and log

4. Lay the kindling in a small loose pile%

5. Lay the small sticks over the kindling standing up spaced apart from the other sticks

6. Stand up the logs over the sticks and kindling like a teepee spaced apart so the air can flow through

7. Light the kindling in a few areas all around the inside of the pile

8. Fan the fire to spread the flames to the rest of the pile

9. When you are done pour water or dirt over the fire to make sure it is completely out

10. Spread out the remaining logs and cover with dirt

11. Put the big rocks back where you got them

The great test blog where you will learn it can be done.

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