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Fuego To Do List

This page has lists and links to other pages where you can find things to work on in Fuego.

Main list [edit section]

Main Item(s) in progress [edit section]

  • Currently, I'm working on Issue 0026 - dependencies

Other pages with work to-do [edit section]

Here are also other categories of things to work on, specified on different pages:

Wiki issues [edit section]

  • Fuego Wiki To Do List has a list of items to work on in this wiki.
    • Fuego Wiki Fixthis List has list of items that need to be fixed, in this wiki
      • these are items marked with a FIXTHIS tag on some page in the wiki
    • See the MissingPages page for a list of pages that are referenced but don't exist in this wiki
  • Fuego To Do Staging Ground has free-form list of items to work on, in Fuego. (this is/was the predecessor to the issues list in tbwiki database format).
    • This page has ideas that have been collected from various sources, like the mailing list, conference sessions, LTSI workshop meetings, and more.

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