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Fuego Documentation

The latest official Fuego documentation is in the fuego source repository.

But here is a copy from August of 2016:

  • Fuego Quickstart Guide (2016) [PDF].

That document is fairly terse.

Here are some links to pages with more extensive documentation about Fuego

Basic Operations [edit section]

Here are pages that describe various aspects of Fuego

Developer Guide [edit section]

Special Topics [edit section]

  • Integration with ttc - describes how to use 'ttc' with Fuego
    • If you don't know what 'ttc' is, then you can skip this
  • Updating Fuego - describes when to update Fuego, and how
    • In particular, you don't need to rebuild the docker container every time you update Fuego to a new release.

Tips [edit section]

  • Docker Tips - various tips for using and accessing the Fuego docker container

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